Getting started


As a start run the jupyter notebooks in tutorials section:

source activate roboy
cd ~/Vision/tutorials
jupyter notebook

There is four different tutorials:

  • Face_Detection tutorial will show you how to run a face detection an an image or webcam input using the MTCNN neural network. Additionally also DLib face detector is used.
  • Facenet_Embeddings tutorial shows how to calculate the 128D embeddings given a face using facenet. There exist 2 versions of this tutorial. One is using MTCNN for face detection, the other one using DLib. This tutoial provides the functionality to caluclate and save embeddings on a database of pictures, where all pictures are stored in a folder structure, with the folder name being the person in the picture.
  • Classifier_Training uses embeddings calculated in the previous tutorial to train a classifier to distinguish between the classes in these embeddings. Currently only SVM and a binary Tree have been implemented.
  • Face_Recognition tutorial shows how to run the classification on an image or webcam input. It demonstrates this using KNN and the classifiers trained in the previous tutorial.

Real Time - How to run Vision module.

For running face detection in real time you can run the script:

source activate roboy
cd ~/Vision/src